Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides the essential information you’ll need to understand the process. If you require further information on the ACT Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property) Act 2003, please go to

What reports do I need before selling my home in the ACT?

In the ACT it is mandatory that a seller obtains the following reports:

  • Building Report
  • Pest Report
  • Compliance Report
  • Energy Efficiency Report.

At ACT Property Inspections we have packaged these four reports together for you, so you only need to deal with the one company. To make things even easier, we also send the consolidated report directly to both your Solicitor and Real Estate Agent on completion.

How long will it take to receive my report?

Under normal circumstances, once the inspection has been completed, you will receive the full property report the following business day, provided that the Building File has been received from ACTPLA. Depending on the package you have chosen, you may need to arrange payment before we will release the report.

Once my report is completed how long do I have before I need to list my property for sale?

The Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property) Act 2003 states that the seller must list their home for sale within 3 months of the report being completed. If this does not occur, then the seller is legally obligated to arrange another inspection.

I have a Class A unit. Do I still need all of the reports?

No, Class A units only require an Energy Efficiency Report. If you are unsure what category your dwelling is, please contact us - we can do this research for you.

Are there licensing requirements for building and pest inspectors in the ACT?

No - believe it or not the only requirement in the ACT is that the Inspection Company has Professional Indemnity Insurance and complies with the associated Australian Standards. Therefore, there can be significant differences in expertise between licensed and unlicensed operators.

At ACT Property Inspections, all our Inspectors are Licensed Class A Building Assessors. The Inspector’s Licence Number will be stated on the finished report. This is your guarantee of quality, experience and industry knowledge.

What are some tips on ensuring I get the best possible report?

Be proactive! We offer a Pre-Inspection Walk Through. For only $250 our Inspector will complete an onsite walk through of your property. That way we can identify any defects that may impact your report and talk you through the best and most cost effective way to remedy them prior to the official inspection. This could be one of the best investments you will make and is sure to save you money in the long run, as many potential buyers use the defects listed in the report as a bargaining tool to drive down the sale price.

How long will an inspection take?

Depending on the house size and the defects found it usually takes around 1–2 hours. At the end of each inspection we will let you know verbally what we have found so there are no surprises in the report.

If there are defects noted in the report, can I fix them and get these defects taken off the report?

By law, we are prevented from amending the original report. We can however, provide an addendum for a small additional fee.

If the report mentions minor defects that you have had rectified before the house is listed for sale we can come back to your property, inspect the work and write an addendum to the original report (which we then re-send to you, your Solicitor and your Real Estate Agent). This will include attaching the receipt as proof that these works have been carried out and the original defects are no longer an issue.